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VOBA Documents Scanning Case Studies

Technical Manuals
VOBA has scanned 40 technical manuals for a global semiconductor equipment supplier, comprising a total of 10,000 A3 & A4 pages including detailed technical drawings. Their global engineers now have access to these electronic manuals whenever they need them, wherever they may be in the world. Thus eradicating long & expensive overseas telephone calls to their office-bound support team, and/or carrying multiple large heavy manuals.

Housing Association Gas & Electrical Safety Certificates
VOBA had a 3 year contract with one of the largest Housing groups in the UK. For them we batch scanned, indexed & data inputted electric & gas safety inspection certificates. They then uploaded these electronic certificates into their Orchard Housing Management System, to record inspections and automatically schedule future inspections. During this relationship we scanned electric & gas safety certificates every month for 3 years. This equated to approximately 2,500 certificates a month (10,000 images a month), or 90,000 certificates over 3 years (480,000 images). At the end of the 3 years contract, their field engineers recorded inspections electronically on handheld devices, which removed the need for a contract scanning provider.

In-store and Magazine Competitions Scanning
VOBA has regularly scanned competition entry forms and either OCR'd (electronically read forms using Optical Character Recognition software) or manually data inputted competition forms for high street retailers and magazines, often within stringent SLAs to meet the competition terms and conditions.

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