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VOBA UK Bulk Scanning Process

VOBA follows a strict document scanning process that ensures that we know where any specific record is at any point in time. This process is described below:

Record Recalling / Document Retrieval
Records can be retrieved with ease thanks to our stage-by-stage audit trail. This audit trail ensures that we know where any specific record is at any point in time. Recalled records are either physically returned, or ‘rush’ processed and electronically returned on a scan on demand basis.

Pre Collection Preparation
In order to maximise efficiency and minimise risk VOBA requires clients to undertake a small amount of pre-collection preparation of its records. All records being removed must be clearly labelled with its index criteria in a standardised position on the front of the record. Any records with multiple volumes must have sequential numbering included on the label, and all volumes must be labelled with the index criteria of the record. Records must be boxed into clearly labelled archive boxes. VOBA can supply archive boxes, if necessary. During all stages of our secure scanning process, your records will retain a relationship with the box that they were collected in. This ensures an audit trail for SOS record retrieval if required.

VOBA will arrange collection & delivery from your location/s to VOBA. A Collection note will be completed when your documents are collected, and a receipt confirmation will be emailed.

Booking-in Procedure
On arrival at VOBA’s secure scanning bureau all boxes are booked in from the collection note. Thus ensuring that all boxes that left your location/s have arrived at our site.

Holding Area
Until scanning commences all records will be kept in our secure and audited holding area.

Scanning Preparation
Your records will be prepared for scanning, if necessary, shortly after being booked in. The team preparing your documents will:

  • Remove all spine structures, bindings, staples and clips.
  • Back-fold folded corners.
  • Repair, if possible and appropriate, any binding damage.
  • Position or re-position (onto a new blank page if necessary) any sticky notes, so as to not cover any information.

Following preparation all signed off boxes are transferred to scanning and signed in. VOBA use high specification scanning equipment and scanning bureau software to ensure documents are scanned to the highest possible quality. Particularly dry or damp documents can prove problematic. A disproportionately high number of any one particular paper type, such as card or carbon copy, tracing paper, etc. can affect productivity speeds and costs. VOBA will do the utmost to produce a quality image, but cannot perform miracles. Images can be produced to industry standard .TIFF or PDF, either black & white or colour.

Document Retention
Document retention is an optional service VOBA offers during preparation. Our procedure for document retention (and return) is to remove the document from the record, complete a ‘document retention form’, place in a plastic wallet, and return securely on the next collect & return trip.

Image Return
On completion all signed off boxes are returned to our secure and audited holding area before being transported back to you. Alternatively they can be stored awaiting your destruction approval.

Following scanning all signed off electronic images any manual indexing is completed according to an agreed indexing specification.

Scanning De-preparation / Record Replenishment
If necessary all records can be replenished back into their original condition.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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