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VOBA Transcription Services FAQ

How established are you as a company?
VOBA was first established in Scotland in 2003 as a family business. In 2005, VOBA was registered in England and Wales. Our Company Registration Number is 05590322. Some of our early clients remain clients today.

What does VOBA mean?
We believe that most business administration functions can be performed virtually. Our name says it all! VOBA stands for Virtual Office Business Administration. However, we have dropped this as part of our branding message so please keep it to yourself.

Is VOBA secure? How does VOBA handle confidential work?
All VOBA typists are bound by a confidentiality agreement, and typists based in our offices are all CRB checked. Sensitive work can be processed solely in-house on our secure network. VOBA can then ensure that data is destroyed after the invoice is settled.

What is Transcription? What is audio typing?
Transcription is the typing of speech recorded on audio/video tapes and/or digitally. Transcription is also known as Audio Typing.

What is a transcript?
A transcript is the product of transcription. It is typically a document containing the written speech of audio/video recordings.

Where and who will do the typing?
VOBA typists work from our offices in Wigan. We also have a team of native English speaking typists based across the globe; predominately based in England, Europe, North America and Australasia.

VOBA will never subcontract typing to individuals that do not have English as their first language. However, being open and honest we must tell you that we often provide document scanning for offshore companies that are providing cheap data conversion services to UK based clients.

Do you subcontract work to other providers?
Occasionally, we may subcontract work to UK based freelance transcribers. All freelance transcribers are regularly assessed and subject to our standard confidentiality agremeent.

Do you subcontract work to providers without English as their first language?
VOBA will never outsource work to anyone that does not have English as their first language, unless specifically requested by a client to save costs. Outsourcing work to ‘cheaper’ providers introduces confidentially risks and reduces quality, but saves costs.

How does VOBA charge for transcription?
VOBA charges on a per-minute or part thereof basis. Transcription is charged based on the quality of the recording, the clarity and the number of voices.

The effort required to transcribe an interview will typically be 5 times the length of the recording, and 9 times for focus groups.

Is there a minimum charge?
No. VOBA does not apply a minimum charge for transcription.

When does VOBA invoice?
VOBA issues invoices at the end of each month or at the end of each project, depending on the nature of the work being completed and the terms agreed.

What are your payment terms?
Our standard payment terms are 50% in advance for new clients, voidable at the discretion of VOBA and 14 days of our invoice date.

How can I pay?
You can pay by any of the following methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card via: Paypal, Google, etc...
  • Cheque payable to VOBA, sent to the address shown on our invoices

What turnaround times do you offer for transcription?
Our standard turnaround is 48 hours from receipt of your audio recordings. Though this does depend on the number of audio recordings at any one time. Faster turnarounds offered include same day, overnight, and next day. However, a premium will be charged.

What audio/video file formats can you transcribe?
We can transcribe all formats, digital and analogue. Digital Formats include DSS, MP3, VOX, WAV, WMA. Analogue Formats include: Micro cassettes, Mini cassettes, Standard cassettes.

How do I submit audio/video recordings for transcription?
Audio/Video recordings on tapes/CDs/Videos/DVDs/Memory sticks must be sent to us.

Digital Audio/video recordings can be submitted at any time by email, an online file transfer service or sent to on CD/DVD/Memory stick.

When do you start to transcribe?
As standard, we tend to start transcription between 2-4 hours of confirming receipt of your audio/video recordings. Faster transcription needs are usually started immediately.

What transcript format templates are used?
Usually, we transcribe into a standard transcript format. However, we’re happy to transcribe into specific client transcript templates. We’re also happy to amend our standard template to add line numbers, increase line spacing, and widen margins.

How will the transcripts be returned to me?
Typically, completed Transcripts are emailed to you. However, we are happy to print, bind and distribute transcripts on your behalf.

How do i know that you have received my recordings?
All audio received by VOBA is checked in and a receipt confirmation is emailed to yo.

What quality assurance do you provide with your transcription?
Our standard service is that all transcripts are reviewed by the transcriptionists and quality checked by an Account Manager. For more information, see our steps of transcription in our transcription process page.

Do you use voice recognition software?
No. Voice recognition only works for those people with the time & patience to train the software program. Also, the quality of voice recognition software can be affected by background noise, interruptions and frequent changes in speech patterns. Many things can change speed patterns, for example Colds, Alcohol, Location, Audience, etc.. This makes voice recognition software unsuitable for outsourced transcription service providers.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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