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Transcription Glossary

Here we have put together some words and phrases that are often quoted when outsourcing Transcription , and may be not fully understood by prospective clients.

DSS Transcription

DSS is the file extension (.dss) for the Digital Speech Standard audio file format, similar to MP3 for music files, and is defined by the International Voice Association. Many digital dictation machines save digital audio files as DSS files, using the file extension .dss.

VOX Transcription

VOX is a digital audio file format with a file extension of .vox. VOX files are commonly found in telephony applications.

WAV Transcription

WAV is a digital audio file format that stands for Waveform Audio Format, and uses the file extension .wav.

WMA Transcription

WMA is a digital audio file format that stands for Windows Media Audio, and uses the file extension .wma.

Microcassette Transcription

The Micro-cassette audio tape format was introduced by Olympus for dictation.

Minicassette Transcription

The Mini-cassette audio tape format was introduced by Philips for dictation.

Standard Cassette Transcription

A standard cassette is the audio cassette format that we used to buy music albums from in the 1980s.

StenoCassette Transcription

A Steno-cassette is an audio cassette format for dictation, introduced by Grundig.

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is a transcribing software application, provided by NCH. Visit www.nch.com.au for more information.


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a means of transferring files between computers and servers, essentially meaning that is possible for clients to upload audio recordings directly to our servers. There are many freeware FTP software applications that enable this.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing refers to the provision of software applications hosted on the Internet.


SaaS stands for Software as a Service, which refers to subscribing to online software applications. As a term is has generally now been overtaken by the Cloud.

File Transfer Service

A File Transfer Service is an online cloud based service for sending large filesm like audio/video recordings. VOBA subscribes to www.yousendit.com, but has accounts with many file transfer services.

Transcription Factor

Transcription Factor refers to the time required to transcribe audio. The ratio between effort hours and audio hours. For example, it typically takes 4-5 hours effort to transcribe a 1 hour one-to-one interview.

Transcription Turnaround

Transcription Turnaround refers to the length of time between submission of audio recordings and the return of the first completed transcript.

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